About Us

The CACCB, was founded in 1990 as a 401(c) (6), as a voluntary, dues-supported, non-profit association of all community corrections boards in the State. Essentially, all board members are members of CACCB. To fulfill our mission, the CACCB holds quarterly meetings that offer training, education and networking opportunities to increase the knowledge and effectiveness of board members. An annual orientation and an orientation manual are provided to all new members.

Leaders from related agencies and groups, including the Division of Criminal Justice, the Department of Corrections, the Parole Board, the Judicial Department and the Colorado Community Corrections Coalition, attend the quarterly meetings to report on matters of import and relevance to CACCB members. The Executive Committee and other members interact with elected officials and the public to provide education and to promote the efficacy of community corrections. Members also often participate in local and statewide criminal justice planning and policy groups.